The comfortable and secluded location of the restaurants makes this place ideal for conferences, occasional parties and other events including a romantic dinner. Its unique 19th century design and character ensure an unforgettable experience. Our clients run business talks here accompanied by excellent traditional cuisine.
Thanks to a division of the restaurant into three different parts we are able to organize different kinds of parties at the same time (conference, training, occasional parties etc.), which do not interfere with each other. For larger events we adapt our space just by opening restaurant gates allowing to perform at all length of our restaurant.

The Country Room

This room was created with a view to a human’s constant pursuit of his roots . A centre located, XIX century stove naturally became a heart of the restaurant. The interior is completed by a pantry, luring with its appearance.
Country room offers 90 seating places or 130 in conference arrangement, full multimedia equipment.

The Room of Historic Klodzko

This room was designed with our town in mind. Our aim was to create such a design that would correspond with 19th century Klodzko, combining folklore and bourgeois style of that time. You may travel in time among everyday objects such as a 19th century telephone which is still in use, black and white photographs of the town and tiled stove with a fireplace.
The Room of Historic Klodzko offers 70 seating places or 90 in conference arrangement, full multimedia equipment.

The Orangery

The whole idea of The Orangery was to create a place where you can forget about hustle and bustle of big cities and everyday life.
There are 40 seating places or 60 in conference arrangement.